Bulgarian Citizenship by Descent

In general, obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through naturalization (including Bulgarian citizenship by descent) is regulated by Art 12 and 13 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. Bulgarian passport allows to live and work in every EU country, as well as in Switzerland and Norway, without restrictions, and it gives visa-free access to 143 countries (2017). From December 1, 2017 Bulgarian citizens are not required visas in order to visit Canada.

Bulgarian citizenship by descent

Art 15 of the Bulgarian citizenship act allows obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by descent. An applicant can obtain Bulgarian citizenship by descent if he/she is of Bulgarian origin, or one of his parents is (or died as) a Bulgarian citizen. The applicant must also present a certificate of Bulgarian origin issued by the State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad. The certificate shall indicate the basis on which Bulgarian origin of the applicant was established. The certificate is issued within one month after applying.

Bulgarian citizenship by descent: required documents

– application (in Bulgarian)
– Certificate of Bulgarian origin issued by the State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad;
– birth certificate
– certificate of criminal records from the country of origin of the applicant, and from the country where the applicant is residing (if it differs). The certificate should state that it has been issued in order to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria in connection with obtaining Bulgarian citizenship.
– medical certificates, confirming absence of HIV, absence of Wassermann reaction, and a mental health certificate.
– declaration
– proof of legal change of name (if applicable)
– autobiography
– passport size photo – 1pc
– copy of the applicant’s passport or ID
– state fee payment confirmation (15 euro)

The application must be submitted personally at the Ministry of Justice in Sofia or at Bulgarian consulates abroad. The time and date of the interview appointed upon application submission.

The interview is conducted in Bulgarian language, translators are allowed, if required. If the application is submitted at a Bulgarian consulate abroad, the interview is conducted by the employee of the relevant consulate upon application submission.

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